FOI request – VFRS

Luiz Lopes, Student
12666 72 Ave Surrey, BC V3W 2M8 Canada
Phone: (604) 599-2100
February 18th, 2013

Information and Privacy Office – City of Vancouver
City Clerk’s Office
Fx: (604) 873-7419

To whom it may concern:

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, please provide me with:

  • A copy of all Notices of Violation – Infraction, Unable to Inspect Premises Notice (resulted in legal action and/or re-inspection fees), reports of fire sprinkler inspection and ASTTBC (Applied Science Technicians and Technologies of BC) certification from all nightclubs located on Granville St. and Gastown neighborhood provided by Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services since Jan. 1st, 2012.

If there are problems releasing some portions of the documents requested, please do not withhold release of all the documents, but instead forward those you can release.

To avoid photocopying fees, you may provide me these records in PDF format – either via email or on CD.

If you have any concerns, please phone me.

Please advise me when the material is available for release.

Luiz Lopes


I chose this request based on the haunting news about the death of more than 230 Brazilians in the nightclub Kiss. Right after the tragedy, a lot of contradictions emerged between the fire department, the city’s political leaders and the club owners, exposing how fragile was police training and the fire inspection system. Thereby, I was curious about how nightclubs in Vancouver deal with fire inspections, especially because Granville St. and the Gastown neighbourhood have various ancient buildings. The City of Vancouver does not provide info on how to mail the request, but an interesting point is that they have the option to send it online, using a specific format.

Featured image by Theen.

5 responses to “FOI request – VFRS

  1. This is a good thing to know just for your own safety. The large crowds that clubs consist of are a huge risk to your safety when a fire occurs as hundreds if not thousands of drunk people will be running to the same exit.

  2. I heard about that news story involving that brazilian nightclub, its shocking that those kind of safety violations cost so people their lives. I don’t know myself how many nightclubs there are at Granville St and Gastown but if there are a lot I suggest narrowing your request to certain ones.

  3. I think this topic is very interesting and a good topic to file a request on. It is good that you are very specific with your request. It is very shocking and disturbing to know 230 Brazilians died in a nightclub.

  4. After hearing of the horrific night club fire in Brazil, and the one in Rhode Island a few years ago, I was leery of clubs. But I realized that standards and codes are much tighter here. Still, it’s good information to know – personal safety is always a priority.

  5. Its seems like most night clubs prime concern revolves around security, and not fire safety. I would love to see which clubs are caught unprepared and which ones have taken the time to prepare for something like this.

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